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4Kam In Car Camera and Onboard Cams

4Kam In Car Camera and Onboard Cams

In Car Camera and Onboard Cams by 4Kam

Onboard In Car Camera Videos

Free Microphone Kit for in car camera!

4Kam in car camera - Do it with a 4Kam!

4Kam In car Cameras!

4Kam have worked hard to come up with the ultimate in car camera packages at the right price - drive off with one today!

4Kam in car camera - Action Ready Package

If you're looking for an onboard in car camera system that includes everything you need to start filming then consider our Action Ready Package, they start at £189.

The RACE Package is also available with all the above plus more, includes a 4Kam bullet camera, mini DVR (digital video recorder), free microphone, roll cage/roll bar mount and accessories.

4Kam In Car Camera - Switcher Package

If you want to get flashy and have a multi in-car camera system on your race car then our Quattro Package is the ideal solution! With the help of our Quattro processor you can alternate between the in car cameras and create picture in picture feeds (PIP), split screen, full screen and quad imagary.

4Kam is an in car camera and a partner brand of 46Kam. Get an in car camera for your race car today!


In CarCamera News!

In Car Camera - 4Kam Onboard Cam

POWER Microphone!


Hear the......POWER!

If you've been waiting for our new ' Power Microphone ' to be launched then good news is here! The power mic for use with our in car bullet cameras specially designed to handle audio from loud cars is now available at just £25.


In Car Camera - 4Kam Onboard Cam

Rear View Camera


Camera, signal, maneuver!

Yes its the future already! Say goodbye mirrors and hello to a new rear view camera! If you want to improve the vision on your motorhome or race car trailor then checkout RoadEye, the wireless rearview camera from 4KamVU.

Wireless Rear View Camera

In Car Camera - 4Kam Onboard Cam

In Car Camera

4Kam signs up again with PCS Toyota!

Yes 4Kam are teaming up once again with PCS Toyota Rallying running an in car camera in their Celica GT4 and Corrolla WRC. Watch out for incar videos from throught the season!

Toyota In Car Camera

In Car Camera - 4Kam Onboard Cam

@ Trackdays!


4Kam In Car Cameras at your Track Day!

If you're heading to a track day this year don't forget to take your in car camera!

With the season now underway there's no better momento of the day than some in car footage. You can edit it when you get home and fire it onto YouTube!

In Car Camera - 4Kam Onboard Cam

In Car Camera Mounts


We've got the little suckers!

Our new range of suction mounts are now the answer to mount your new in car camera to the inside of your car without needing a rollcage! They'll stick to any window (or clean glossy surface) and enable you to get some great shots!

Get them here

In Car Camera - 4Kam Onboard Cam

In Car Camera Package


Our new 4Kam In-car Camera Package is the on board camera system every amateur racer has been waiting for.

Complete camera systems are now available for less than £300! That even includes the roll cage mount too! Find out more here.

4Kam In Car Camera Setup Guide

In Car Camera Mounting

First things first. where should you mount the camera? Well this depends on what you are driving and what perspective you want to go for....


The most popular in car camera position is rollcage mounted, normally somewhere on the cross section of tubing behind the front seats. This will allow you a good view through the windscreen and is usually the best place to see the action. You can also mount the camera in a number of other places in car, perhaps looking backwards out of the rear window, especially amusing if you likely to be passing people (or even be passed!). The in car camera can be mounted using our camera roll cage mount.

Other positions to consider are on the dashboard pointing back at the driver and co-driver or maybe in the footwell to film your footwork on the pedals. For both of these positions we recommend the 4Kam WideBoy Camera as the wide angle lens will give a better view.

Circuit Racing

- Single Seater

If you are racing a single seater such as a Formula Ford or F3 style machine then the best place to mount the camera is on the roll hoop. This will give you an F1 style camera position showing the top of your helmet and the front of the car. The onboard camera can be mounted using our camera roll bar mount.

If you want to get creative then you can experiment mounting the camera on the front wing or back wing for some great shots. if you want more of the driver in shot then consider a rear wards facing camera mounted just infront of the cockpit or maybe a footwell mounted camera dipicting yoru dance on the pedals! For both of these camera positions we recommend the 4Kam WideBoy Camera as its wide angle lens will give the best view.

- Tin Top

Like in rallying the most popular in car camera position is rollcage mounted, normally somewhere on the cross section of tubing behind the front seat. This will allow you a good view through the windscreen and is usually the best place to see the action. You can also mount the camera in a number of other places in car, perhaps looking backwards out of the rear window to capture those racers eating your dust! The in car camera can be mounted using our camera roll cage mount.

Other positions to consider are on the dashboard pointing back at the driver or maybe in the footwell.. For both of these positions we recommend the 4Kam WideBoy Camera as the wide angle lens will give a better view.

Obviously these are just some ideas, the place the mount your in car camera depends on your exact vehicle and the view or angle you are looking for. We have a number of other camera mounts available too so we can normally cater for your required mounting position.


In Car Camera Power

Now your new in car camera is in position it will need some power. The camera comes supplied with a battery box to take 8 x AA batteries, with good batteries this should run the camera for around 8 hours.

If you are looking to upgrade from the above then you could power the camera directly from the in car using the 12v Cigar Adpater or 12v Pickup Cable. The pickup cable can be used to tap into a 12v supply anywhere in the car and will run the camera indefinitely.

If you don't fancy powering the camera from the car but want an alternative to Duracell style batteries then the mini XPower lithium battery may be ideal. Its rechargeable, smaller and lighter than the conventional batteries, has an on/off switch and will work out cheaper over a season too.


Incar Camera Recorder

The in car camera itself is only part of the equation. It acts as the 'eye' to your on-in car videos, the recording itself needs to be saved somewhere. Any device with an AV-input will work as a recorder, many camcorders offer this as well as number of digital video recorders (DVR's). The latest versions of DVR are 'solid state', these have no moving parts and are therefore much more tolerant of shocks and vibration. We offer range of solid state DVR devices ideal for use with your in car camera which can be seen here.

The recorder can be kept where ever you find easiest on in car, velcro mounted to the dash or similar is the best opton normally. If you are wanting a helmet cam perspective then always mount the recorder on your person as wiring yourself to the car is not what we recommend! The small solid state DVR's are best for this as being they can easily be slipped into your pocket or race suit.

If you are looking to purchase an all-inclusive incar camera 'kit' then check out our range of In Car Camera Action Ready Packages.


Multi Cam In Car Camera Systems

If you want to record from multiple in car cameras fitted to your race car then there are a number of options available by using a camera switch unit or picture in picture module.

2 Camera Switch Box

Simply choose between camera A or camera B. Manually pressing the switch on the switch box changes the camera being fed into the recorder. For example:

Lets say Camera A is a front view in car camera & Camera B is rear view in car camera.

You are catching the car in front and Camera A is currently selected and being you overtake you press the button on the switch box and hey presto you are now recording the view from Camera B where the person overtaken can be seen fuming!

Quattro Processor

Record from up to 4 in car cameras in a selection of ways.

1.Switch between the cameras manually as above or have the Quattro Processor do it for you automatically using Auto Sequence.

2. Picture in Picture processing allows 1 main camera in 'full screen' to be overlayed by and 1 or 2 other cameras offering a picture in picture recording. Very popular system for both rally and circuit racing.

3. Split Screen allows you to have all 4 cameras in view at once, 1 at in each corner of the screen. Ideal for use in training purposes.

There are a number of other options available too on the Quattro Processor but those above are our favourites.


We hope this guide has helped you understand the setup of a in car camera a little more, if you need further tips or help just drop us an email.



In Car Cam & Incar Camera Summary


What's it all about?


4Kam offers a range of in car camera equipment to suit the needs of both race amateurs and TV production personnel alike. We've been working with mini in car cameras and onboard cameras for many years so we know just what it is you're looking for. Almost all 4Kam products are our own design and specification so you can be sure its just right for the job. Among our other products we have a range of 'Action Ready Packages' on offer which are ideal if your looking for a full kit. We also have a wide range of accessories too.

The following text will explain a little more about what to look for when buying a in car camera. Although it will be referred to as a In Car Camera, a InCar Camera, In Car Cam or Onboard Camera will perform in the same way.


How does a in car Camera Work?


Put simply a in car camera is effectively an 'eye'. For the eye to be able to remember what it sees you need a 'brain'! Now we don't sell brains exactly but what we do offer is a mini recording device, our DVR. The DVR (Digital Video Recorder)is connected via a cable to the in car camera, the DVR will record what the camera sees.

There are a number of alternative recording devices that you could use as anything with an analogue input (av-in) will actually work. It's important though (especially if you are doing extreme sports) that the recording device you use is a 'solid state' recorder. If it isn't the recording may get corrupted if the device is subjected to vibration. For more information on this check out our FREE IN CAR CAMERA GUIDE!


Why is the in car Camera separate from the DVR?


Your camcorder has both the 'eye' and 'brain' in one case doesn't it? We could do this with an onboard camera too but it would be much bigger and heavier making it hard to mount in those places in car or on your roll cage in a tight spot. By keeping them separate the in car camera can be small and light making it not only easier to mount but less likely to get damaged in an accident. If you are unlucky enough to crash the footage of your 'wipe out' is safe as whatever happens to the onboard camera the DVR will be safely tucked elsewhere out of harms way!


4Kam Helmet Camera Crash Replacement Policy


If you have an accident using your 4Kam in car Camera or 4Kam onboard Camera which causes it to be damaged beyond repair you won't have to pay the full price for a new one! Just contact us and we will arrange to supply you a replacement helmet camera at 50% off the RRP. Its unlikely you'll ever need this as Lee Griffiths will demonstrate but it is worth bearing in mind!


Lee Griffiths guide to Hill Climbs


Lee Griffiths tried his best to write off his 4Kam Onboard Camera but with little success - Here's what Lee said!

"I have been really pleased with the camera, its worked in all weathers, survived a 90mph shunt and works really well as a driver improvement tool."

In car camera video


4Kam In Car Cam and Onboard Camera


4Kam Incar Camera & Onboard Camera


There is now a 4Kam in use on every continent around the globe. We're quite proud of that, plus it means we must be doing something right! By selling more of a smaller range (but of the most popular equipment) means we can get it just right and at a lower price for you too!



4Kam In Car Camera



The 4Kam In Car Camera is our special edition camera for in racers. The 4Kam WideBoy uses the same high specification chipset as the 4Kam and is housed in the tough aluminum case. The difference between the two is that the 4Kam WideBoy is fitted with a wide angle 2.5mm lens making it ideal for those special incar shots showing the driver, co driver or your feet working those pedals!


Incar Camera & In Car Cam Packages


To make things nice and easy we have put together a number of packages which include the most popular products. Although we've tried to simplify things for novice buyers that doesn't mean the equipment isn't top notch. Our Action Ready Package is popular worldwide and has a number of prestigious clients too including the BBC and Formula One.


In Car Cam Action Ready Package™


The Action Ready Package is an all-inclusive ready to use in car camera kit. It includes an in car camera, mini DVR and free in car cam microphone kit. The ARP is available with both 4Kam Incar Camera and 46Kam Bike Camera.


In car Cam Switcher ARP™



Same as the ARP above but with 2 cameras and a switch box. This means you can change between the cameras at the click of a button. The Switcher ARP is available with both 4Kam In car Camera and 46Kam Bike camera.


Incar Camera Accessories



If you need extras for your onboard camera such as a different roll cage camera mount or an in car camera dc power supply then we have most things you could need, just check out what's on offer.



In car Cam Team 4Kam


If you use one of our in car cameras or onboard cameras then you're already a member of Team 4Kam, just email us your photo and we'll put you in the rouges gallery! If you could send us some footage too or a link to where we could find some that would be better still!


4Kam In car Camera Sponsorship


If your looking for a in car camera for use in the nationals, a incar camera to use in your championship or perhaps a in car cam for your charity trip then you may have a good case for 4Kam sponsorship. We do get many requests so please be patient!






In Car Camera Incar Camera Onboard Camera Packages In Car Camera Video

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